General Exterminating

Are you looking for quality cleaning services in Amityville, NY? Well, General Exterminating is here at your services. We are proud to be one of Amityville's most sought pest control service providers, and we can promise to deliver the best when you reach out for our services.

We guarantee you 100% satisfaction when you hire or services. With a team of qualified and experienced workmen, you can always count on our deliverability. When looking for a professional pest control service provider we are always here to help.

We have a team that understands why you need to live in an environment free of harmful pests like bedbugs, termites, and mice. Therefore, when you hire us, we commit to exterminating all the pests in your office and home ensuring everything is in order.

If you are planning to make your home pest free, we are always here to give you a helping hand.

Here are other reasons why you should opt for our services:

Experienced team

We have been in the pest control industry for over 30 years and have completed many jobs. Therefore, our teams of pest exterminators can promise to deliver you the best experience handling your commercial and residential pest control services. Our team is equipped and skilled to remove the pest in your home and keep it clean.


We are legit, authorized and insured

General Exterminating is a New York Pest Management Association member and authorized dealer of Advance Termite Bait System. It means you can count on us for quality services when we step at your door.

We are an insured company, and we offer to do the best in every project we handle. This gives you peace of mind when you opt for our services.  You don’t have to worry about any collateral damage our staff may cause on your property, we are always ready to compensate you in case of damages. Fortunately, our team is also trained to handle your property with care.


Simple methodology

At General Exterminating, we adopt the most straightforward methodology in exterminating the termites, flees, moths, rodents, and other pests on your property. We observe the country's set industrial and health standards, keeping you and your family protected all year.  

Our process involves identifying the pests, finding them, and exterminating them.  We also help you come up with the most reliable pest control program that will ensure your home and office stays free of pests for the longest time.


Free Estimate

If you are looking forward to keeping your home safe from termites, rodents, and other types of pests, you can always find solace in our services. We have a customer service team willing and ready to offer you a free estimate of our services in Amityville, NY.

Let's Work Together

When you plan to have your home free of pests, we are always here to hold your hand. Pest control can cost a lot, and that is why we offer you the most cost-effective and reliable services on a budget. Save some bucks when you reach out for our services in Amityville.