General Exterminating Centereach

If you live in Centereach and are looking for an expert and professional pest control company, General Exterminating is here to sort you out.

Our aim is to help you find quality, affordable and convenient pest extermination services. We are a family-owned pest control company that has been around for over three decades. We have gained experience for over three decades.


We have been serving homes, offices, and residential buildings in Centereach. Our team includes some of the most experienced pest control technicians who are willing to make your living comfortable in this part of NY.

We Deal With All Pests

Yes, General Exterminating deals with almost all types of pests common in most homes and commercial premises in Centereach. Some of the pests likely to infest your home or office include ants, bed bugs, termites, mosquitoes, rats, carpenter bees, and many others.

We are here to help you find peace of mind at home by eliminating all these pests from your living space.


We are a Licensed and Approved Team

General Exterminating has been legally licensed and approved by local health and safety authorities in the industry to offer exceptional pest control services.

We are a member of the New York Pest Management Association. It means you can count on us if you are looking for reliable pest control services.


Our company is also an authorized dealer of Advance Termite Bait System, making us one of the best you can count on.


Same Day Service

We understand most people are always busy, and finding time to have exterminators remove the pest in your home or office may be a big challenge. That is why our team of exterminators will visit your home or office and choose a pest control program and day that is more convenient for you.

We help you reduce downtime in your place of work by offering you fast and convenient services. Call us today and have the entire pest in your home exterminated in the shortest time possible.


Simple and Fast, But Safety is Highly Prioritized

We adopt one of the most straightforward methodologies in dealing with pest infestation in your office and place of work.

Whether your home is infested with termites, mice, and bedbugs, you can always give us that call, and we will be there to offer solutions.

We identify the type of pest at your home, find them, and eliminate them at all costs. We ensure no pest is left behind when leaving your home.

The only reason you should look forward to hiring General Exterminating is that we observe strict safety measures to ensure you and your family is always safe round the clock.

If you are looking forward to working with our team, you can contact us now for safe pest control services in Centereach.

Let's Work Together

What you should consider most when choosing a pest control company is their method of eliminating pests.

At General Exterminating, we adopt the most effective methods and pesticides that will ensure your office and home is free of pest that is harmful to you and your family.