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Bee and Wasp Exterminating Services on Long Island


General Exterminating provides bee, wasp, and hornet removal on Long Island. We pride ourselves in providing professional bee control for homes, offices, and condos throughout Long Island NY.

Bees and wasps are typically beneficial insects, unmindful of the activities of man, as long as man makes it a point to disregard them. At times the nests of these insects may be built in such close proximity to the home, or even in the home, as to make the area too confining for both. Although the stings of bees and wasps are usually a painful experience, for some the consequences may result in a severe reaction or even death.

Whether your household pest is a wasp, bee, or hornet, our experienced and reliable pest control technicians will get rid of these pests. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Call General Exterminating For All Your Pest Control Needs At (631) 281-2336

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