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Moth Exterminating

on Long Island


Moths are a type of pest that can cause significant damage to one’s property. Moths are scavengers and will typically feed on fungi and on wool fabric.

These insects often live in cracks and void areas, they can be very difficult to treat without a professional.  Contact General Exterminating pest control company with over three decades of experience with moth control.

Treating these insects should be taking care of promptly as just one month will lay enough eggs to cause considerable damage in as little as three weeks.

When these hatches, they become the fabric-eating larvae and immediately begin to cause damage to those items that are stained by foods, sweat, urine, or other substances.  General Exterminating has the knowledge and expertise to resolve all of your pest issues.

Call General Exterminating For All Your Pest Control Needs At (631) 281-2336

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