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How to Get Rid of Bedbugs

A Bed bug is a tiny, flat, invasive insect that has only one food source—blood, especially from people and animals sleeping. Bed bugs are unattractive red-brown insects approximately 1.5 -7.5 mm in length. While they depend on blood, bed bugs can survive for several months without a meal.

Bed bugs don't have wings to fly. However, when these insects invade your home, they can be able to spread quickly over ceilings, floors, and walls. It may not be a simple task to detect when bed bugs enter your home. These insects can enter your home through multiple sources, including clothing, luggage, and used couches and beds, among other items. They have flattened bodies that can make them able to hide in the tiniest spaces in your commercial or residential building. Their common hiding spots include mattresses, bed frames, headboards, and box springs. When bugs invade your property, they can bite you every night and cause a lot of discomfort and itching if you don't get rid of them. It would be appropriate to remove and eliminate any signs of bed bugs immediately if you encounter any in your home. That's because their population can spread quickly and make it difficult for you to get rid of them. So, how do you remove bed bugs from your home fast?

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs—a Step-by-Step Guide

Prevention is often the best possible cure for many problems, and the best trick to getting rid of these stubborn insects is adhering to measures that prevent you from bringing them to your home. Maintaining the highest level of hygiene, ensuring that an expert exterminator inspects your property for bed bug invasion, and avoiding living clutter in your rooms are some of the top-notch ways to prevent the problem of bed bugs invasion. But if you're already encountering a bed bug invasion situation, a few steps can help you remove them from your home altogether.

Step 1: Cleaning Up the Areas Where Bed Bugs Mostly Hide

Eliminating bed bugs from your home should start with cleaning up everything these insects like hiding in when they invade homes. Your cleaning should include:

*Cleaning beddings, clothing, linens, and curtains in hot water before drying them on high dryer settings.

*Scrub your mattresses using a stiff brush to eliminate bed bugs together with their eggs.

*Vacuuming your beds and all the surrounding areas frequently.

*Encasing your box springs and mattresses with a tight woven, zippered covering material to keep the insects from escaping or entering. Since bed bugs can survive a few months without feeding, it would be helpful to maintain the covering on your mattresses for several months to ensure all the bugs there die.

*Getting rid of any clutter around your bed

Step 2: Bed Bug Extermination

Cleaning up the infested locations will only help control these insects from spreading. You require chemical treatments like insecticides to get rid of them completely. But because using insecticides and other chemical treatments to treat your bed may be harmful, ensure to use only products proven to be safe and effective for your home.

Step 3: Killing the Insects

Exploring several options can help you find an effective non-chemical method to kill bed bugs in your home. But their effectiveness will depend on how you will apply the specific one you choose to get rid of those tiny insects in your home causing itchiness and discomfort.

1. Heat or Cold Treatments

You can naturally eliminate the tiny insects from your home with cold or heat treatment methods. Temperature is one of the effective ways to eliminate bed bugs in essential areas like mattresses. Gather affected clothing and bedding and put them in hot water for approximately 30 minutes. After the end of that time, wash them thoroughly and then put them in the highest heat setting on your dryer for at least 30 minutes.

Alternatively, you can put the affected clothing and beddings in a freezer on the lowest setting possible, preferably 0 degrees Fahrenheit. When you leave the clothing and beddings at a lower temperature for at least five days, the bed bugs will die.

2. Using steam

You can also get rid of bed bugs with the help of a steamer. Use your steamer on couches, mattresses, and other areas where these insects often hide.

3. Use an insecticide

If the non-chemical methods to eliminate bed bugs fail to be effective in your situation, you can turn to conventional methods. The use of insecticide can help eliminate bed bugs in your home. With insecticide, you have two options to choose from when you want to use it to kill bed bugs, pyrethroids, and pyrethrins. These two are fast-acting and have lower levels of toxicity.

4. Deploy a desiccant

A desiccant is a substance that kills bed bugs and other insects by damaging their protective coating. When bed bugs don't have their protective coating, they die by drying out quickly. Several desiccants, such as diatomaceous earth and silica aerogel, are relatively easy to deploy, safe, and effective.

5. Use a bug bomb

A bug bomb is the best treatment option for killing bed bugs instantly. However, bug bombs have a higher level of toxicity to people and pets. When you use a bug bomb to kill bed bugs in your home, you'll need safety equipment like gloves and a mask and vacating your property while it goes to work.

Step 4: Monitoring Affected Areas

Regardless of the kind of treatment you apply to get rid of bugs from your home, it'll take several weeks to months to completely wipe out those unwanted insects. To ensure your treatment is effective or working, assess the infested place at least once every week for several months. Treat the site again if you encounter any new signs of bed bug infestation.

Step 5: Hiring an Expert Exterminator

The most effective and fastest way of exterminating bed bugs is by seeking professional help. If you live in Suffolk County or Nassau County, or their surrounding areas, we can be of assistance any time you want an expert to assess your home's bed bug invasion situation. We provide quality extermination methods that can help end your bed bug problem once and for forever. Call us when you need an expert specializing in exterminating in Suffolk County, Nassau County, or surrounding areas.

Exterminating on Long Island

Bed bugs are a common problem in residential and commercial properties in Suffolk County. If you are in that county and experiencing a bed bug infestation problem in your home or business property, it would be helpful to look for an expert exterminator in Suffolk County. General Exterminating is your go-to company when looking for experts providing exterminating on Long Island and all their surrounding regions. Our treatment methods for a bed bug problem have been tested and proven safe and effective in residential and commercial settings.

Experienced and Reliable Bed Bug Exterminators Long Island

We are an exterminator in Suffolk that provides bed bug control solutions for residential and commercial properties. Our well-trained and licensed exterminators use the most effective tools and materials to combat an infestation. We have helped hundreds of homeowners and businesses in the Long Island area permanently get rid of bed bugs from their properties for many years, and we also want to help you just like them.

Free Inspection

It's crucial to confirm if you have a bed bug infestation problem in your residential or commercial property before performing any treatment. Note that some pests look similar to bed bugs but may need a different method to eliminate them. Therefore, it would help if you first try to identify your bed bug infestation before moving on with the treatment task. During the inspection process, our experts will try to identify the bed bug issue in your property and how widespread or extensive the problem is when present.

Identifying the Bed Bugs Hidden in any Location

One thing that continuously sets us apart from any other bed bug removal company in the Long Island area is the ability of our experts to identify bed bugs hidden in any place, even within the small and difficult-to-reach regions. We use the most advanced detection techniques that are safe and proven to work. Our expert exterminators can quickly and consistently identify bed bugs in each development phase, including nymphs and adults.

Multiple Bed Bug Treatment Options

We don't just depend on one treatment method when getting rid of bed bugs from your home. Depending on your situation, we can quickly assess the bed bug problem in your home and recommend the most appropriate treatment method to eliminate those stubborn insects giving you sleepless nights.

Schedule a Free Bed Bug Inspection Today

We can permanently help you eliminate the bed bug infestation issue in your commercial or residential property. Call us now to schedule your free bug inspection service or ask any questions you have about bed bugs. We'll be glad to help you in the best way possible way when you call.

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