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8 Reasons Why DIY Pest Control Is Not the Solution

If you have recently seen a few pests in your home, you may be thinking about using some do-it-yourself pest control instead of calling in the professionals. While it may seem like a good idea, more often than not, it isn't.

The most important part of ridding your home of an infestation is finding what is drawing them in the first place and eliminating it. No matter how many times you spray or bomb your home, as long as the nest and what is drawing them is still there, you will not be able to remove them altogether.

Exterminating pests can be dangerous if you do not know what you are doing and costly. While you may think you will save money by doing it yourself, it often can cost more than if you had called the professionals in to do it in the first place, not to mention the time wasted while they are further overtaking your home.

You May Not Know the Best Places to Look for Infestations

While you may get the insects on the surface, more often than not, you will miss the hiding places where they nest and lay eggs. Left untreated properly, these nests will hatch and cause a much larger infestation.

Bugs find crevices and hard-to-reach places to lay their eggs and stay out of sight. Highly trained technicians know exactly where to look and the best ways to eliminate pests from your home. Bugs like electrical outlines and wiring and molding. They are also drawn to warm places like surges and appliances. They are often hidden during the day, making it hard to find them unless you know where to look.

DIY Pesticides Often Are Not the Best Pesticide to Get the Job Done

Just as you probably buy one spray insecticide when spraying wasps and mosquitos and another one for ants in your home. Pesticides are not fix-alls. Certain ones work better on certain types of pests than others. Professionals exterminators on Long Island are trained to know which one will work best for your particular kind of pest.

Products like Borax and other dust usually do not work quickly. The insects generally have to walk through the poison, track it back to the nests, and then die after they clean themselves. Sometimes this is not a quick process. You may see bugs that are deformed but not dead as a result.

Over-the-Counter, Pesticides are Not as Strong as an Exterminators

If you have a significant infestation, an over-the-counter poison may not be strong enough to get the job done. The do-it-yourself pesticides are not commercial grade because the general public is not trained to use pesticides properly. To avoid misuse and children and animals getting sick or dying from them, Commercial ones are typically not available to the public.

The professionals at are trained to get rid of unwanted pests in your home safely. Whether you need an exterminator in Suffolk County or Nassau County, their trained professionals can help you with your pest problems.

Exposure to Chemicals

There are many chemicals in insecticides. If misused, you can put yourself and your family at risk of being exposed to them. The trained professionals exterminating on Long Island know how to handle the chemicals with care so that you and your family are never put at risk.

Chemicals are known to cause many health issues like breathing problems and even cancer.

Even when applying pesticides outside your home, you may affect your pets, birds, and other animals. If you have bees and butterflies, you may accidentally kill them too. Contact to take care of your outside pest issues too.

Don't forget to check your trees and other wood regularly to look for signs of termites. Don't wait until they have done so much damage that you need to replace large amounts of wood to fix your home.

The Short Term Solution

While many aerosol cans of bug spray may kill on contact, it's the ones that get away or that you never see that cause the most problems. The ones you do not manage to kill can regroup and find new places to hide. Wouldn't you rather leave the exterminating on Long Island to the professionals?

With regular use over the counter, pesticides become less effective as bugs become resistant to them, much like when you get a vaccination. The shot gives you immunity to the virus. Bugs are building up resistance to most over-the-counter poisons, and they no longer do what they claim they will. Even if you switch insecticides regularly, they all have similar ingredients, and the bugs still have built up resistance to them.

Bug Bombs

While they may look or sound like a great idea, Bug bombs are ineffective at killing most bugs at their source. So you may kill many on contact without actually reaching their hiding places. Bug bombs leave bug poison all over everything when used to treat bugs and need to be done several times to rid newly hatched insects from taking over again.

Setting off bug bombs is more likely to take you out as you set them off and try to get out of the room quickly. Setting off bug bombs is especially bad for people with breathing issues like asthma or emphysema. Extermination is best left to the properly trained professionals and who have the proper equipment to protect themselves.

Over-the-Counter Pesticides Do Not Have Long-Lasting Effects

While many over-the-counter pesticides claim they will work for weeks or even months, most are only effective a few days at best. Calling a professional exterminator in Suffolk can provide a higher dose of poison to help the effects last much longer. Don't waste time you could spend doing something fun with your family instead of spending hours looking for infestations and spraying.

Professionals require special licensing and certifications to not only purchase the insecticides or to apply them. These professionals are trained to know which ones will work best whether you are in Suffolk County or Nassau County.

You should go to the website at and make an appointment today for someone to come out right away and rid your home of whatever kind of pests you have trained to get rid of unwanted pests in your home safely. Whether you need an exterminator in Suffolk County or Nassau County, their trained professionals can help you with your pest problems.

Over-the-Counter Pesticides are More Expensive in the Long Run than Calling an Exterminator

Exterminating bugs using over-the-counter sprays and other products can quickly cost more than calling someone who does exterminate in Long Island. It can become an ongoing process of constantly trying to keep up with the demand as more and more hatch out.

Eliminating bugs and rodents, and other pests are best done by an exterminator. Who knows the best solution and has the products to get the desired results in Suffolk County?

An aerosol can of bug spray costs about $4.00. How many cans will it take to keep your pest problems under control? Is it even possible to do extermination with over-the-counter products?

To Conclude

If you have a pest problem, whether it is insects, rodents, or termites, you are better off calling a professional to help resolve your problems than trying to get rid of it yourself. Don't risk harming your family and pets by spraying harmful chemicals all over the place. It will prove to be cheaper to call in trained professionals to rid of the problem in the long run expertly.

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