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Tips to Prepare Your Property This Spring

The winter winds may still be howling, but the calendar says that spring is just around the corner. Soon, lawns and gardens will display tender shoots of vegetation as the warmer spring days begin arriving. But along with the longer days of spring comes the pests that the growing seasons always bring. It’s time to prep properties in Suffolk County and Nassau County for springtime with our easy-to-follow tips to keep insects and other pests at bay that come along with the warmer weather.

Cleaning Indoors

Indoor cleanups in spring are always welcome after a long winter season spent inside the home. But spring cleaning can do more than tidy up a home disorganized by cold weather activities. A thorough once-over not only assists in making way for warmer weather activities but also helps you see if pests have already invaded your home. Calling an exterminator now, before bugs and insects have caused significant damage, can avoid a larger problem during the spring and summer months.

Repairing Screens

When the days are short and cold, windows stay tightly shut to keep out the frigid air. Soon, windows will be flung open to welcome crisp spring air. But screens with even the tiniest of holes and damage can also let pests into your home along with fresh spring breezes. Now is the time to carefully look over all screens on your home for any problems that need to be repaired. For smaller fixes, a quick trip to the hardware store for a screen repair kit may work. Larger holes or tears may require the whole screen area to be replaced. Spring is the perfect time to ensure that all screening is tightly woven to avoid having to call an exterminator in the future for an infestation of pests that easily could have been avoided with a little repair work.

Checking Doorways and Entrances

During the winter when an entrance area is drafty, we can feel chilly breezes inside. If any doorways are letting in colder air or light shines through, then they can also easily provide an easy pathway for bugs and other unwanted pests to enter your home when the seasons change. Check all doorways for strong seals on weather stripping and trim and replace those that can benefit from a repair. Entranceways that are set apart from the main living areas of your home as well as entrances to garages or other outdoor structures should also be reviewed. Pests are always looking for an easy way inside so all doorways should be monitored for appropriate thresholds. When springtime arrives, don’t leave an obvious pathway for all kinds of pests to enter your living and storage spaces. Homeowners may have to call for an exterminator in Suffolk or Nassau County during the spring or summer when pests are given easy access to properties with unsecured doorways, thresholds or other trim work surrounding doors or windows.

Looking for Exterior Damage

Winters can be harsh. The exterior of the property must withstand wind and moisture during the cold month, sometimes producing damage to wood, siding or other materials on a home. While these weakened spots may not always seem necessary to repair for aesthetic reasons, they can be critical to fix for other reasons. Damaged or rotted wood or siding is a perfect spot for pests to enter your property causing current or even future damage. One of the common spots that exterminating companies see infestations are in these damaged locations. So carefully looking over your property for any problems, rot, or damage in exterior areas during this spring cleaning time can prevent future invasions by pests of all kinds.

Cleaning Your Exterior Property for Spring

Between harsh winter weather and unpredictable springtime, storms is a great time to tidy up your property. Not only can you pick up downed limbs and branches, but homeowners can also look for evidence of rodent or pest infestation issues away where those may have accumulated. The end of the cold season is the perfect time to clean up errant wood, dead plants, and other organic matter that can be a favorite nesting spot for critters and creatures around your property. Property owners call for exterminating on Long Island in spring and summer when outdoor areas have been allowed to continue into the growing season, further hiding this natural spot. New growth combined with any additional downed branches or organic matter can compound the potential for pests or critters to take up residence on your property in the spring. Walk your property and dispose of material in any areas that could encourage pest infestation or already have some brewing. Call for professional extermination if an infestation is found.

Trimming Back Trees and Bushes

Keeping your yard looking fresh and ready for springtime growth is an excellent reason to prune or trim back trees and bushes, but it is not the only one. Keeping branches and plant growth away from the home can help discourage pest or critter problems from occurring at all. Pests transfer from trees and bushes onto a home more easily when they are in contact with the structure, so trimming them back away from the home is a must. Maintaining a distance between home and trees and bushes can also minimize damage to the structure from high winds or storms, so taking time to trim and prune in the spring is a necessary task to avoid having to call an exterminator in Suffolk or other parts of Long Island later in the year.

Checking Pipes and Plumbing

Pests don’t just enter the home through open thresh holds, holey screens, or too-close vegetation. Insects and critters can enter a home through the pipes and plumbing areas too. During your spring refresh time, check around pipes and plumbing to make sure there are no holes or openings for insects or other creatures to enter. If any holes or openings are detected, in addition to sealing them up you may also need to set up exterminating for your home. During the cold months, pests and critters may have used this gap to seek warmth already, so Nassau and Suffolk County homes may need to set up extermination services right away.

Scheduling Exterminating on Long Island

To start off the spring season, homeowners should schedule a time for a professional exterminator to check a property for any current damage as well as protect the home from future infestation. This final step in your spring-cleaning plan will lean on the expertise of professional exterminators who know exactly what to look for and how to prevent any future pest issues with your property. They can double-check hard to get to areas of your home, check for problems that are invisible to the naked eye, and provide a solution to any issues found. This critical step can ensure that your property stays pest-free this year while giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is safe and protected from unwanted pests.

Getting Started

Getting your property ready for spring doesn’t have to be difficult. Reviewing your home’s doors, windows, pipes, and plumbing carefully will reveal when repairs or replacements need to be made. Cleaning up the inside and outside of your property can not only freshen up the space to make it ready for the new growth and renewal brought on by the change of season, but it can also reveal any areas that may already raise concerns about unwanted pests. Removing and trimming back branches and bushes will enhance the look of your house while also discouraging pest problems from beginning or continuing. And contacting an expert like General Extermination will finalize your spring-cleaning strategy when you include a property assessment and treatment with one of their knowledgeable pest professionals. Their friendly and reliable experts will make sure your property is springtime ready and free of pest infestations or potential hazards that can create problems down the road.

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