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Ways your house is attractive to pests

Living with pests small or big in and around your home can not only be a nuisance and, in some cases, even downright unsafe for family members with allergies, but it also keeps you from enjoying your investment to the fullest, which can leave you feeling like you're simply throwing money out the window.

In the meantime, if you've ever hired an exterminating service, only to have the problem return, then you've also learned by now that not all exterminators are created equal.

In fact, when hiring an exterminator for your pest problem, it is important to hire one who is both experienced in treating your particular type of pest and who also has a passion for what they do, so they will, happily, continue to work with you until the issue is fully resolved.

Otherwise, it can feel as if you're throwing away even more money on not having the issue resolved and also having to hire another exterminator.

However, when you hire our spirited and highly-experienced exterminating company to rid your pest problem, you can rest assured we understand exactly how you feel, having families of our own that we also fight hard to provide a comfortable home for, and we will not rest until we have done our best to help ensure the same for your family.

Meanwhile, it is important to understand ways your house is attractive to pests so you can help keep them at bay and perhaps also even save costs on hiring an exterminating service to help you do so.

Holes and Cracks in the Foundation and Walls and Gaps Around Doors and Windows

Small holes and cracks in your interior walls and exterior foundation may seem like nothing at first sight, but they are a big deal to insects seeking small, dark spaces for safety and shelter.

Meanwhile, larger animals, such as mice, raccoons, and other rodents, also seek dark, warm places to hide and breed, especially as temperatures drop; hence, larger holes in your exterior foundation and walls can also be a calling card for pests.

Therefore, to avoid unwanted pests in your home, the first step is to inspect the interior and exterior walls of the structure for small and large holes, cracks, and other openings that can allow pests to enter.

Vents can also create a way to get into your home for pests.

Should you find any secret entrances into your home during the inspection, be sure to seal them properly so that no bugs or small animals can get through.

You should also seal any gaps around the windows and doors, which can also serve as gateways for pests seeking shelter in your home.

It is also a good idea to repair any damaged screens covering your windows, doors, or patio because they also provide a way for insects to get into your home.

Otherwise, no matter how many times you eliminate the infestation, they will keep returning because they continue to have a way into your structure.

Open Food Sources, Crumbs, and Liquid Spills

Pests also make their way into your home in search of food. Hence, if they enter your

home and find that there is a good supply of it there, they will continue to invade your dwelling in search of nourishment in the future.

Some ways pests find food in your home include uncovered foods left sitting out, dirty dishes in the sink with food scraps left on them, and even small crumbs left on the countertop or floors. They will also feed on any uncovered pet food or birdseed left out.

In the meantime, many pests are also very attracted to sugary substances, so they will also feed on any juice or other syrupy spills left on surfaces.

Therefore, avoid leaving any foods out uncovered, and be sure to rinse away any food scraps on dirty dishes before leaving them in the sink.

You should also be sure to thoroughly clean any surfaces where food was and where crumbs may be, including the floor, and store any pet food tightly in a container rather than simply leaving it out uncovered all night, which can invite night-foraging pests into your home.

Meanwhile, birdseed feeders can also attract larger animals, such as bears. So you may consider using a feeder that is designed specifically to attract only birds.

Overripe fruit can also attract pests, such as fruit flies, into your home, so be store your fruit in the refrigerator once it starts to get too ripe.

Excessive Moisture, Leaky Pipes, and Standing Water

Pests of all kinds also need water to drink to stay alive. Therefore, they will also be attracted to any open water sources in your home, such as leaky pipes.

Meanwhile, mosquitos, in particular, are especially attracted to standing water, so any pools of water left outdoors near your home will also be breeding grounds for pests.

If the environment in your home is very humid, it may also draw pests such as termites and ants into your structure, which will eventually present a huge problem.

Therefore, if your home has a high moisture level, you may also consider investing in a humidifier during the winter or turning on a ceiling fan in the summer to help prevent damp air.

Termites are also attracted to damp wood left outside your home, so be sure to store any wood scraps in a dry, cool area away from your home to help keep them away.

Smelly Garbage

Garbage often contains discarded food scraps; therefore, it, too, is a common way to attract pests in and around your home.

Hence, if you must store garbage inside your home, be sure to take it out regularly and keep the outside of the container wiped down to remove any spilled foods and scents that can attract pests.

You should also ensure the lid fits tight, so it is harder for pests to get into, thus helping to deter them, and the same goes for trash cans left outside near your home.

Untidy Messes

Untidy messes, such as disorganized stacks of boxes and other stored unkempt items, are also especially attractive to many pests, especially rodents, because it provides a warm, dry, unseen place to lurk.

So if you have any areas of chaos in your home, go through and get rid of anything you no longer love, use, or need, and then store the rest in sealed containers to help make them easier to store away neatly and keep pests away.

Unused Drains

If you have drains in your home that barely get used, they can also be attractive for pests.

This is because they often contain water they can drink and a moist environment where they can breed.

Some drains may also contain organic matter, which is just perfect for fruit flies, drain flies, and more to feed on.

How We Can Help

Keep in mind it takes just the smallest opening for pests to make their way into your home. And that is why when you hire our exterminator Suffolk or Nassau County for exterminating on Long Island, we will first inspect the property both inside and out for any openings that may normally go unnoticeable to the human eye and then follow up with a plan to repair them and deter pests from the outside.

We will then look for evidence of habitation in the known hiding places of your particular pest. And should we notice signs of infestation during our inspection, we will also work with you to implement a plan, using one of our scientifically proven methods that also includes environmentally safe products, to help rid your problem once and for all.

Our exterminator in Suffolk will also schedule a follow-up appointment to assess our methods and ensure they are effective. However, should we find that they are not, your treatment will be adjusted accordingly.

We may also suggest you schedule seasonal visits to help stay on top of your pest problem during peak periods and prevent another infestation.

And remember, we're not new to extermination services. In fact, we have been serving communities in and around Nassau County, Suffolk County, and more for quite some time, so we are practically family and will provide the same quality of care as we give our

own loved ones.

Hence, if are looking for exterminating on long island that also proudly serves Suffolk County and Nassau County, then we hope you strongly consider contacting our extermination company for an experienced exterminator in Suffolk for superior service with a smile.

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